Part 1: getting stuff out of the way

Leaving can be a bit unnerving….

quitting my job, my apartment, having panick attacks about that, saying goodbyes, moving all you accumulated things around and stuffing them into way to small storage places, boxes, friend’s houses.. But it has also been getting to tell my dear ones how much I care, and to experience abundance of sweet people helping me out. total community bonding goodness with friends, family and even strangers…


We unload my bed in my Rosana’s house where its going to spend the winter. I turn around towards the driver.

– so…  dankort?

– oh, I don’t have that… I can just drive you to an ATM, then we get to talk a bit more.

I crawl back into the truck, he starts telling me:

– I took this job because I wanted to become a substance abuse counselor. You have to pay it yourself and I really really hate banks, so I didn’t want to borrow the money. Banks they just trap you so you are always owing them. But it was a more interesting job than I thought it would be, you get to see so many people. One day you are moving a guy who is being evicted by the municipality, the next you are moving a million dkk painting for one of these rich guys up north. When I drive around I try to give room for as many people as possible, sometimes you have to be aggressive or you will be stuck the whole day, but generally I prefer to hold back and let others come before me. It is like you said, you can always do something good no matter what you are doing. Sometimes I get annoyed in the rush hour traffic, but then I know it’s because I have let them catch me, then I realize I just need to take a break and let go of that again…. so here we are, that’ll be 310 for the ride.

I give Jørn 400 kroner and he puts down my change on the seat. I push the coins back towards him.

– … a little tip for you.

– thank you! Then I am getting myself a big ice cream tonight!

I bask in the smile of a brilliant little boy inside the big strong grown man with lines of wear and tare on his face. This spirit is my brother if anybody is.


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