Challenges of living with a creative mind, or, when Rosana saves the day

13.50 in my sister’s house in Odense

text for Rosana:

– Hey baby, am a bit late with my life:) will be there round 17.30 and then I just have two hours to pack the bag and hug you goodbye before going to the aiport:). see you darling!


– Cool, see you!

16.00 having a sandwhich at the train station in Odense,

16.20 checking my flight schedule on my phone

16.30 Text for Rosana:

– Rosana, I fucked up big time. my flight leaves at 18.40 and not 22.40 xDDDDD… am in the train from odense now and ill try to see if I can make it if I go directly to the airp. it shud work if we’re not delayed and I runxDDDD… I wont be able to pick up my backpack, dont know if I could ask you to bring it???? otherwise I will just buy clothes in Ouaga, f** that. I got my pasport. ooooohhh christ xD

16.34 text from Rosana:

– I will be there, what time, and anything else than the backpack you need?

text for Rosana:

thank you thank you thank you thank you, owe you humungously big time! just the bac pack and my banana shampoo if it fits.

17.45 train stops 200 meters from the airp. Mie repeats in isde own head “stress is my friend, stress helps me focus, stress is my friend, I’m going to make it” smiles at a kid and a lady with a thousand bags who also look in a hurry

17:50 train arrives in airp.

17:55 Mie finds total tranquil Rosana waving at check in. Mie checks in. Mie hugs. Mie thanks. Mie is flushed. Mie runs through security. Mie buys three bottles of rød aalborg requested by my hosts:)

18:32 Mie is extremely amused by self – decides to share.


#Mie signing off from gate C30 @Kastrup airport, annnnd a deep breath xDDD hhhhHHhhhHhh…Image



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