Salvador !

Salvador is extremely sticky, I am extremely sticky in Salvador. people smell nice, cars are new, busses old, queues are long, nature is SO awesome and pretty. Im stressed: there are so many things I want to eat, so much Bahia to absorb !

Beiju, acarajé, hot dogs with maiz and little potatoe chips (because they are awesome!!), feijão, farofa, acai, cashew juice (OM friiikiiiing GOOOOD), meat on a stick, fried tapioca, água de coco, carurú, vatapá, roasted shrimp, grilled cheese, fruit fruit fruit FRUUUUIT maracujá, cajá, cajú (atchú!), mamão, melão, melancia…

First things first, we people need phones, expedition goes into shopping center in Barra to buy a chip. Just in and out real quickly! because there’s so much stuff to do! Because we’re back in Salvador!  Finally! after 5½ years for my part, and 10 years for Eileen… (blaaarrrrgh!!!)

Inside Barra Shopping. I get a call from a Brazilian number, for some reason the person in the other end doesn’t understand anything Im saying, the connection is crap – turns out both because the call was coming from Burkina Faso. xD. When we hang up, I look at Eileen, I look at her like… ô velho, I used to come here to buy movies, friking lojas americanas. I start crying. my heart my heart my heart. not the pretty cry where you just have one small tear running down your face no. the kind of cry where your whole face crums together like a used napkin imploding, Eileen hugs me, people who walk by stare at me, it makes me laugh.and ramble, I’m rambeling. its insaaaane… insaaaaaaaannnnneeeee!!!!! IM IN SALVADOR :DDDDDD

IMAG2508 IMAG2518IMAG2521IMAG2496

IMAG2503IMAG2540fdf IMAG2581  IMAG2584IMAG2566IMAG2568IMAG2563IMAG2572  


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