How this all happened

Here I am back on the blog, because you can only go so long without telling stories, and here I have the incredible privilege of no interruptions. Thank you blog. And thank you for joining me:-)


We are in London now.

Every day being sucked through tubes under the ground as if giants where drinking with straws, trying to slurp us up to eat us.

So we run!!

Without exactly knowing why, or where the impulse came from, but the fight or flight instinct is clear for the claustrophobic, when you cram yourself together in the narrow hall ways and feel the air getting thicker and thicker with the oppressing smell of muted desperation from your neighbors.

Before this there was….

….A short pause in time, when the worlds where bound together, and I held my breath under water at midnight to see what the stars look like from underneath the ocean. Billions of summer days, multiplied by the billions of stars on each of the summer nights following.

…..A woman in a black robe asked me if I would love and live together with the man next to me no matter what, and the thoughts that how can anyone ever know something like that pushed aside by something soft and organic that grew out of my chest and pushed itself out of my mouth to tell her “…I will”


….A frightened prayer whispered going through immigration in the airport. A seldom sense of something real to lose. And to gain.


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